The NEP System™

Neuroenergetic Psychology™

N.E.P. 1

- The Davis Duree Reflexes™ -

The NEP 1 workshop imprints the structure of the Neuroenergetic Psychology System into the workshop participants. This process consists of relaxation, lecture, hands-on training in the Neuroenergetic Psychology techniques. This combined with practice and visualization with the focus on creating the resonant healing response in a stimulating environment that uses visual, kinesthetic and auditory stimulation specifically designed to reinforce the educational experience and Neuroenergetic Psychology System integration. Start changing your body's mind by re regulating your body's habituated unconscious responses to the perception of sensory information.

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N.E.P. 2

- The Word -

The focus of this workshop is to develop competence and process skills in the practitioner working with NEP Reflexes. The emphasis is on learning and the effects of language on state dependent memory patterns. The skills developed in this program increase the ability of the client to access unconscious memory patterns locked into the body/mind. Once accessed the NEP Reflexes are then used to alter the neurological patterns that have been locked into memory.

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N.E.P. 3

- The Abdominal Brain -

The third program in the NEP Series focuses on integration. By locating the areas where the client has duality conflicts, from the area of polarity problems to conflicts between male and female parts, in others and ourselves. These conflicts and the conscious and unconscious memories that have been integrated with them affect the transfer of information to the enteric nervous system (The Abdominal Brain.) These changes of information patterns have a great affect on our health and disease processes. Focus is on the Enteric nervous system and its ability to store and react to state-dependent memory patterns and the Bennett Organ Reflexes on the body.

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N.E.P. 4

 - Your Body Is Your Unconscious Mind -

A close look at process and the "Healing Frame." Meridians come into focus in this program along with a closer look at some of the differences between men and women and how to work with them. Here we delve into the exciting world of neuropeptides, our "wet-ware" brain. Learn how up to 99% of our daily responses are controlled by our unconscious drivers and learn ways to change your body's mind.

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-The Cellular Mind-

A deep journey into the cell and cell membrane, you will discover how what you think and feel your "wet ware brain" changes your physical body and memory by altering how your DNA transcribes. You will gain knowledge of how your cell's environment can change your life. You will acquire more tools to change your subconscious reactive patterns stored at the level of the cell.



- The Energy Body and Intention-

In this program we look at the subtle energy network and their use with the Neuroenergetic Psychology System. Discover how changes in your energy body and intention alter the expression of your physical body-mind and world.


Complete NEP Series

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The Basics

-Walking in Balance-

This two-day program covers:
Mastery of Muscle Testing Basics
Meridian Massage
Acupressure Pain Relief Techniques
Polarity Hook Ups
Self Help Techniques
Learning to Create Sacred Space
Techniques for Defusing Stress
Enhancing Hemispheric Integration
Food Testing

No Prerequisites required for the above program

The Energies

– First Aid in your Hands-

In this six-day program you learn simple energetic support techniques that you can use on yourself, family and friends.
Learn specific Energy and Acupressure support techniques for common ailments and conditions such as:
Headaches – Allergies – Nausea – Indigestion – Bloat – Arthritis – Fractures – Tooth Problems – Insomnia – Dizziness – Eye Problems – Ear Problems – Colds – Coughs – Hiccups – Throat Problems – Fevers – Menopause – Sexual Problems – Prostate Problems – Female Issues – Menstrual Problems – Constipation – Diarrhea – Hemorrhoids – Skin Problems – Stress Reduction Techniques - And Much More.

No Prerequisites required for the above program

Structural Kinesiology™


-Structural Kinesiology 1-

Applied Muscle Testing Basics

This 4-day program covers the basics of structural muscle testing used for structural alignment. Including testing and correction techniques for 14 basic tests.

No Prerequisites required for the above program

-Structural Kinesiology 2-

Applied Intermediate Muscle Testing

-Structural Kinesiology 3-

Applied Advanced Muscle Testing Techniques

-Structural Kinesiology 4-

The Cranium – Sacrum Rhythms

-Structural Kinesiology 5-

Active Reactives

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Apprenticeship Program
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Neuroenergetic Practitioner Programs
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Neuroenergetic Teacher Training Program
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