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Richard and Shanti Duree have been pioneers in the field of Somatic Energy Psychology and Kinesiological Energy Medicine for over 30 years. Their programs are taught worldwide at professional schools of complementary medicine. They have served as Instructor Trainers for the Touch For Health foundation, where they team-taught for many years with Gordon Stokes, co-creator of the One Brain System. Shanti co-created and directed the Physical Therapy Center in Mill Valley, CA. Her background includes training in massage therapy, Ortho-bionomy, Reiki, yoga, Polarity Therapy, NLP and women’s studies. Richard has also served as the head of Research and Development for Dr. John Thie, creator of the Touch for Health Program. Richard worked for many years with Olympic and other world-class professional athletes under the direction of Dr. Leroy Perry of the International Sports Medicine Institute, Los Angeles. At the Renaissance Clinic in Nassau, Bahamas, they researched the effects of muscle balancing and energy psychology on stress and aging under the direction of Dr. Ivan Popov, M.D. Richard was a science contributor to the book “Energy Medicine” by Donna Eden and David Feinstein. They currently serve on the board of Directors of the Neuroenergetic Psychology Foundation a California based non-profit corporation for education, research and enhancing public awareness of somatic psychology and its benefits. IRS 501(c)3